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2016 Nll Draft Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for Players for the NLL Entry Draft

1. Any player who attains the age of 21 during the draft year that has never participated in a US NCAA or NJCAA collegiate varsity lacrosse program.

2. Any player who has participated in a US NCAA or NJCAA collegiate varsity lacrosse program that has exhausted or forfeited his NCAA  collegiate varsity lacrosse eligibility.

3. Any player less than 21 years of age is not eligible for the Entry Draft that notifies the league in writing of his intention  to forfeit his remaining NCAA or NJCAA eligibility and be eligible for the draft at least 30 days or a date determined by the League prior to the draft. 

4. Any drafted player participating in any Canadian Junior League and that subsequently attends a US college and participates in NCAA or NJCAA varsity lacrosse program, will be re-entered into the draft upon exhausting or foregoing his collegiate eligibility. Team originally selecting the player will lose the player’s draft rights.

5. Effective the 2008 Entry Draft, any player less than 21 years of age cannot be declared a free agent without being drafted. Any such undrafted player will automatically be re-entered in each subsequent draft until he is selected or attains the age of 21. For purposes of this By-law, a player shall be deemed to be twenty-one years of age should he attain the age of twenty-one before December 31 on the draft year.

6. “Player” as used herein shall be deemed to mean any lacrosse player participating in Canadian Junior league lacrosse, NCAA or NJCAA US collegiate varsity lacrosse or any other player known to the league to be of draft quality.

7. League will attempt to compose and distribute list of draft eligible players.

8. Should a club select a player who is not eligible for the draft, the selection shall be voided.