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League Statement On Play From Calgary At Colorado Game

The National Lacrosse League has released the following statement regarding the contact made by Colorado Mammoth goaltender Alex Buque on Calgary Roughnecks transition player Karsen Leung during the Calgary at Colorado game on Saturday, March 26. The play can be viewed by clicking here.

Per the National Lacrosse League rules, the check made by Buque on Leung was legal.  

With 3:05 remaining in the third quarter, Leung gains possession of the ball in a fast break situation and takes more than one step before Buque makes contact. As such, Buque was not in violation of Rule 70.4, Contact on a Fast-Breaking Opponent. 

Further, the primary point of contact by Buque was on Leung’s right shoulder and not on his head or neck, resulting in no violation of Rule 70, Illegal Body Checking.

A copy of Rule 70, Illegal Body Checking is enclosed. A full copy of the NLL 2016 Rulebook can be downloaded at this link: click here 


            It is illegal to bodycheck an opponent from behind, above the shoulders or below the waist. It is legal to bodycheck an opponent in possession of the ball from the front or side, above the waist and below the shoulder.  It is legal to bodycheck an opponent while the player leaves his feet to shoot, pass or catch the ball or otherwise engage legally in offensive play provided contact is legal as outlined above, and there are no other violations and the check is not into the boards.

70.1    CONTACT WHILE PURSUING A LOOSE BALL – When two players are pursuing a loose ball, checking the opponent’s stick and body contact is allowed within three (3) yards of the loose ball. 

70.2    EQUAL PRESSURE – A defending player may impede the progress of an attacking non-ball carrier who is not in contention for a loose ball or receiving a pass provided he uses an “equal pressure” motion with his body and stick on the front or side of the opponent on the arms.

70.3    CONTACT AFTER PASS OR SHOT – The bodychecking of an opponent (including the goalie) of more than two steps after the opponent has passed the ball to a teammate or taken a shot at the goal, is not allowed. 

70.4    CONTACT ON A FAST BREAKING OPPONENT – A goalie or player must give a fast breaking opponent the opportunity to take one step to gain composure after receiving the ball, before body contact is allowable.  

70.5    CONTACT INITIATED BY A GOALIE IN THE CREASE – A goalie may not use his crease to his advantage to delivery a body check to an opponent.

70.6    MINOR PENALTY – The referee, at his discretion, may assess a minor penalty, based on the degree of the illegal body check.

70.7    MAJOR PENALTY – The referee, at his discretion, may assess a major penalty, based on the degree of the illegal body check.

70.8    GAME MISCONDUCT – The referee, at his discretion, may assess a major penalty and game misconduct, based on the degree of the illegal body check.

70.9    MATCH PENALTY – The referee, at his discretion, may assess a match penalty if, in his judgment, the player was reckless or endangering his opponent by an illegal body check.  

70.10  FINES AND SUSPENSIONS – Players are subject to further fines and suspensions from the League office.