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Nll Top 50: #5 Curtis Dickson

Calgary Roughnecks ‘Superman’ holds down the five spot on IL countdown

And then there were five. The IL Indoor countdown of the Top 50 Players in the National Lacrosse League is zeroing in on the number one spot with Calgary Roughnecks star forward ranking #5 on the list. Known for his acrobatic goals and clutch plays, “Superman” Dickson is always there to save the day as one of the league’s elite performers.

IL Indoor contributors Bob Chavez, Stephen Stamp and Marty O’Neill collaborated with their own Top 50 lists for a points system that produced the final list. Click the link for the player to read their full analysis on Inside Lacrosse and check back to follow the countdown all the way to No. 1.

5) Curtis Dickson – Calgary Roughnecks

“Possibly the most dynamic player in the league, Dickson makes highlight reels shine with his diving goals. He brings much more to the table, though. He’s developed into a dangerous outside shooter as well. Last year he set a career high with 44 goals. Watching him play field lacrosse for Canada, it just seemed unfair to goalies that he had that much net to shoot at. Dickson is a goal just waiting to happen when he’s on a lacrosse floor.” – Stephen Stamp

“Superman is yet another Roughneck offensive player that could be labeled a ‘superstar’ in the NLL. Dickson is the best one-on-one down low threat in the big leagues, compliments of his brute stength driving the net. Curtis also shoots bullets from outside, using screens very well. The best quality about #17 is his ability to possess the ball; when he has it not too many players are capable of taking it away unless Dickson decides to make plays – another part of his repertoire. Calgary is always a contender with Dickson in tow.” – Marty O’Neill

“Some call it flashy, some call it creative. Whatever you want to call it, the style of Curtis Dickson is effective. He doesn’t just score goals, he scores pretty goals and that’s the kind of play that can attract new fans to the game. The great part about him, though, is his willingness to improve. Like Stamper and Marty pointed out, he’s already built a rep on his down-low game but continues to work and expand his threat by working on his outside shooting. And much like his post work, that perimeter threat has developed into one of the game’s best which makes him even more of a complete shooter. He’s the real deal, and will be for a long time to come.” – Bob Chavez

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