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Nll Top 50 Players: #7 Jeff Shattler

Calgary Roughnecks transition star checks in at #7 on IL Indoor countdown

IL Indoor’s list of the Top 50 Players in the National Lacrosse League has reached the elite tier of the world’s best lacrosse pros as the 2015 NLL season nears. The countdown continues with Calgary Roughnecks star transition player Jeff Shattler, the league’s Most Valuable Player in 2011 who remains as a force on both sides of the floor, and checks in at #7 on the rankings.

IL Indoor contributors Bob Chavez, Stephen Stamp and Marty O’Neill collaborated with their own Top 50 lists for a points system that produced the final list. Click the link for the player to read their full analysis on Inside Lacrosse and check back to follow the countdown all the way to No. 1.

7) Jeff Shattler – Calgary Roughnecks

“Shattler’s the kind of player you can throw into any situation and know he’ll make the right decision more often than not. It’s an invaluable asset to any team. He scores, he defends, he moves the ball. There isn’t a lot he can’t do and that 2006 trade to get him from the Bandits for Kevin Dostie makes Calgary the winner of that trade in more ways than 1.” – Bob Chavez

“Shattler is the kind of player you need to see play regularly to really get a sense of how much he contributes to a team. It’s not just the scoring, though he does plenty of that. Shattler brings a feel for the game that few players possess. He just knows when to drive, when to shoot, when to pass and when to roll the ball into the corner and let the defence do its job. He’s a team player with the individual ability to make a major impact.” – Stephen Stamp

“Shattler is the prototypical two-way player that comes along only once in a while. Jeff does most of his damage in the offensive zone with nifty passes and pinpoint shooting, alas he is no stranger to defense and banging on offensive enemies. What makes Shattler tick? Some speed and quickness for his tools, but his best attribute is the creativity he brings to the rink and the skill to carry it out. Calgary fans are lucky to watch him every winter.” – Marty O’Neill

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The National Lacrosse League opens its 29th season with NLL Face Off Weekend 2015 presented by New Era on January 2-3.